We are planning an ongoing series of progressive, advanced, non-form centric, 1-2 day workshops in Champaign, IL. There will be approximately 2-3 gatherings annually. Register here.


By: Classes will be led by Scott Grubisich, author of the CUTQ blog and co-author with Dr. Yang of Taijiquan: The Art of Nurturing, The Science of Power.

For: All persons interested in the internal arts are welcome. If you like the CUTQ blog entries, you will likely appreciate the instruction and group energy.


panda poWe will not focus on form choreography, but will use select form movements as a tool to understand foundational principles common to all taiji. Emphasis of planned instruction for Saturdays includes but will not be limited to:

  • understanding energy and the internal power common to all internal arts, and how to practice form to maximize internal power;
  • understanding silk-reeling as movement unique to taiji
  • push hands – understanding sticking force and the methods and purpose of push-hands;
  • footwork/agility drills and applications
  • self-defense considerations and taiji strategies for self-defense;
  • meditation and qigong for nurturing – always. We’ll learn some new meditations and explore the different functions of standing.

Dr. Yang taught us how to go deep in our practice – the essential part. We’ll take our gong developed through his teachings and curriculum and play with it.

We’ll try to cover whatever interests you and all questions/discussions are welcome. As the content will be progressive, you are encouraged to attend the first gathering if possible.


Workshops will be on Saturdays, with an option for private and/or small group instruction on the following Sunday. We’ll gather as a group for dinner on Saturday evening.

Our thought is that some would only be able to do a day and need to get home Sunday, while others would rather fill the travel time as best as possible. So we are planning on an option for a second day (Sunday) with a smaller group – more of a “what do you want to do?,” Q&A, and maybe form correction type of thing rather than planned progressive curriculum as Saturdays will be.

Instruction/practice Saturdays, 9:00a – 12:00p and 2:30-5:30p. Sunday private meetings as available. The first gathering will be in the early spring of 2019.


Channing Murray Foundation on the University of Illinois campus, 1209 W Oregon St, Urbana, IL 61801.


To learn together, see old friends and make new, and have fun :-).


$155 for early registration – $175 after the early registration period. The registration period will be announced when the date of the first event is finalized. Registration is complete upon receipt of payment. Checks payable to CUTQ. Google Pay and PayPal happily accepted – there is a 3% convenience fee for PayPal transactions.

We will video the workshop, and the video will be available on-line at no additional cost for a period of two months after the workshop.

Sunday private instruction will be additional, and cost will be based on interest (private vs. small groups).


Tuition will be refunded, less a $30 application fee, until Oct 20. After Oct 20 there are no refunds but you may apply the payment to future events.


Champaign is served by Willard Airport locally and nearby airports in Bloomington and Springfield (45 minutes). The larger Indianapolis airport is 2 hrs. east.

We are in the prairie (now corn and bean fields) at the intersection of interstates 74 and 57, and it is an easy drive.

You will be responsible for your meals.

Champaign-Urbana is home to the University of Illinois. As there are no football or basketball games on the days scheduled, there should be plenty of hotels around at various prices – check your favorite on-line booking sites. If you prefer a lower budget option and have a sleeping bag, we *may* be able to find a local student to host you.


Use this form to indicate interest. Please check your email carefully so we can respond to you.

We’ll send a waiver form (required for all attendees) after receipt of your form. Your registration will be complete after receipt of payment and the registration form. Registration will be limited to 20 persons.

Recommended Reading

We will expound upon subjects covered in our blog entries, and recommend that you read them before registering.


Email Scott at scott@cutq.life.



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