We generally follow the U of I calendar, and new beginning sessions are typically offered starting at the end of August (corresponding with the beginning of the new school year), at the end of January (after winter break), and over the summer. But we are happy to start a new beginning session whenever interest is sufficient to do so.

Please submit the form below to indicate interest in a future introductory session. The next introductory session will be on Tuesday evenings, beginning January 23, 2024, from 5:45-7:15p at the Channing Murray Foundation Chapel.

Further information about our classes (location, time, cost, curriculum etc.) are detailed on the classes page.

Though we are always emphasizing the fundamental principles of traditional taiji and qigong training in all of our classes, the essential foundation of meditation and principles of taiji and qigong movement are taught in the introductory sessions. For that reason attendance at at least one introductory session is mandatory before joining the intermediate or advanced classes.

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