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The CUTQ class instructors, and the generous contributions of students who have been practicing for a long time, offer the best Taiji teaching I have encountered in central Illinois. I really value the Qi Gong, conditioning exercises, form study/practice and meditation practice offered in Urbana. Three benefits I notice after less than a year of study: much less arthritic pain in shoulders, wrists and knees; better ability to remain grounded and present, even in difficult situations, and the pleasure of practicing with really wonderful people.


Taiji has helped me reduce my chronic pain and increase my balance more than anything else. With the slow, gentle, and nurturing approach to movement, I have not had any setbacks with my injuries, only steady progress.


I practiced Taiji before, but this program has given me a much deeper understanding of the art by integrating all its elements, from qigong exercises to forms, from push-hands to meditation. The clear instruction and supportive group spirit make each class enjoyable and rewarding. I am well into my eighth decade, but Taiji keeps me feeling young.


Meditation and movement sequences (forms) I have learned in my practice of Chen Style Taiji have benefited me in numerous ways. Improved balance, agility, flexibility, as well as personal patience are a few of those benefits. I have always enjoyed the friendships made and the energy of the group and look forward to going each week.


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