Instead of a typical blog entry on theory and mechanisms of taiji practice, I thought we’d just share a typical taiji class in this post.

Below is a video playlist of portions of our Feb 18, 2021 virtual Zoom class for intermediate students. In this class we have been working on the Chen 48 Form initially created by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang and taught to us by Dr. Yang Yang. In every class we also do various warm-up qigong and stretching exercises, and lying-down and sitting meditation, but as these are repetitious practices for regular students and the video is edited for those students’ home practice, they are not included in the video playlist.

Videos begin with review of the third quarter of the 48 form (movements 25-36) and a few movements of the fourth section (movements 37-40). We then do a guided standing meditation and finish with Gathering Qigong and explanation of the classical poem saying that the “five toes grasp the ground.” Following that we proceed to a deeper dive into learning/understanding movement 41 of the form, “Linking Cannons.”

Students in this class are intermediate to advanced and we discuss internal power with the assumption that the students already understand what that is and how it is generated/employed in all taiji movement.

Feb 18, 2021


  • 48 Form – Movements #25-40 – Follow Me w Instruction
  • Standing Meditation – Wuji – Finish w/ Gathering Qigong and Explanation of “5 Toes Grasp the Ground”
  • 48 Form – Transition from #39 to #40 (Kick w/ Left Heel)(from class question)
  • 48 Form – #41 – Linking Cannons – Beginning Pivot
  • 48 Form – #41 – Linking Cannons – Beginning Pivot Follow Me
  • 48 Form – #41 – Linking Cannons – Explanation of Movement and Application/Releasing Energy (Fajin)
  • 48 Form – #41 – Linking Cannons – Follow Me
  • 48 Form – #41 – Linking Cannons – Caution About Fajin – Always Emphasize Nurturing
Sample Intermediate Taiji Class

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